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Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war ...
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Welcome to Cry Havoc

Cry Havoc is a group of mature, mostly older, gamers who have gathered to play MMORPGs and other games. Our intention as a guild is to facilitate our members having a great time playing excellent games. Because our members lead busy lives we will be seeking to foster an environment that suits the 'casually hardcore' gamer. We have brought together many years of gaming and guild experience to try and create the ideal place for mature gamers - many hard learned lessons will be applied in Cry Havoc.

Currently Cry Havoc has only one game as our 'official game' - Warhammer Online (though many members do play a number of different online games). Cry Havoc is a guild for both the Order and Destruction factions, though our focus is on the Order.

We can be found on: Ostermark (Order characters) and Phoenix Throne (Destruction characters)

To post on our forums as a guest (and as a prospective member) you can go directly to our forums and post/reply or you can register with our webhost mmoguildsites.

Prospective members, please carefully read our Guild Charter and visit our forums' Guild Applications section, and follow the application process outlined there. Please feel free to use the Apply for Membership link - but understand that this is not the primary way to apply for guild membership - you must go through the steps outlined in our Guild Applications forum.

Attention applicants, if you did not read the above paragraph please do so now.
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